I will add recipes here from time to time, hopefully weekly. You might not have everything you need to make each one on hand now, but certainly can plan for later on your next grocery safari :).

My basic philosophy on recipes:

I think recipes are fantastic! Someone else has tried, tested and tasted things already. And in today’s world, we get the feedback of reviews from others who have tried them. HOWEVER, they are just a starting point. Don’t be afraid to improvise, modify, add (or subtract) based on what you know you like. This is especially true when it comes to seasonings and spices—you no how spicy or bland you like things, you know what you like together…I tend to find most recipes are too bland for me. So, for example, I will add chopped Serrano peppers to my favorite Gazpacho recipe, etc.

I also think recipes should outline the as much of the process of making the dish as well. Therefore, we will always include a “Whatchaneed” section, that includes the suggested equipment, preparations, along with comments, suggestions etc.