As you can see, I’ve always enjoyed food :). This has evolved into a love for cooking. But I know that this love isn’t shared by all. And now, especially when many of us are staying home, not going to the grocery store as often, reusing the same ingredients, you might be challenged by the need to cook on a regular basis. So, and because friends have asked on occasion, I thought I’d offer this blog as a little help in using Whatchagot….

Here’s the basic idea:

– If you need help figuring out what to make for yourself, your family, etc. with what ingredients you have on hand (Whatchagot), I’m happy to try and help.

– Just send me a list of Whatchagot to work with, and I’ll try to come up with something that might be new, different and (hopefully) delicious. I have set up a form here for you to fill out to make it easier. Just click on “Whatchagot?” and it should pop up…

– I’ll also post some recipes, tips, links and general suggestions (yes, many will seem obvious) that can help as well.


Some things to remember:

  1. I am an amateur–in no way am I a pro or an expert–just someone who has cooked for family and friends for many years.
  2. I am offering this as a way of helping others. It is difficult in these times to find ways of doing so and I thought this might be a fun and useful option.
  3. I will try to answer as quickly as possible. Please understand if I can’t get to you right away.