Went grocery shopping yesterday for the first time in weeks. Somewhat surreal–masks, limited numbers in the store, etc. Felt a bit as if we were coming in from the wilderness to stock up for the winter :).  I do have top say that (at least) this store (Albertson’s) seemed to be doing a great job under the circumstances. There are all sorts of articles on the proper precautions, etc. to take. This is more of a strategic approach. Some general thoughts, observations:

  1. Make a plan–try to know what you are going to buy as much as possible. Reduces stress once inside and help to limit impulse purchases which can (and did, lol) drive up the amount you spend 🙂
  2. Remember how much storage space you have….keep reminding yourself
  3. Know what you and you family like to snack on–Guessing that you have seen some habits form as you’ve been at home
  4. Try to keep it healthy, but remember that it’s ok to have some “treats” around, however you define those…
  5. Fresh produce is a bit of a luxury right now–in terms of space and utility. Try to focus on items with longer shelf lives (e.g. apples, iceberg lettuce vs. bagged salad mixes, root vegetables vs. mushrooms). Frozen is a great option for many things–spinach, green beans, cauliflower, etc.
  6. I’d avoid buying much fish (I am NOT a fan of frozen-maybe with the exception of fish sticks) right now–unless you find some that looks great and you are going to cook it right away. Frozen shrimp, etc. is always handy and good to have around for a variety of dishes.
  7. Look for alternatives if you favorite brand/style, etc. are out of stock. Check for similar ingredients (e.g couldn’t find our favorite peanut butter-but found one with the same ingredients (no added sugar)…
  8. Remember the basics: Butter, stock, rice/pasta (be flexible on types/shapes, etc.), beans, flour, seasonings (herbs, spices, sugar/salt)
  9. Please remember that your fellow shoppers might be feeling some stress, so give them a break…
  10. And maybe most importantly, be sure to be extra courteous and appreciative of the store employees who are helping all of us.