Pizza on the Grill!

Making your own Pizza on a grill is so easy and rewarding. They key is having everything ready and in place when you start cooking. You can buy good quality pizza dough at mast grocery stores, pick whatever toppings you want and go from there!

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Make Things Easy (er…)

For a lot of people, cooking at home more presents a series of obstacles, including the "hassle" bits--shopping, preparation and, ugh...clean up. Here are some tips to help lessen these a bit: Plan- take a few minutes to study the recipe, think about what you need to do and in what order. Maybe write down the steps you are going to take, in an order that makes sense. Many recipes do some of this for you, but you know how you work and what makes sense for you. Make sure you have all of your needed bowls, measuring cups/spoons, cutting boards, etc. set out as much as you can. Space can be a big issue, but that makes the planning even more important. Most importantly, take [...]

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Grocery Shopping…

Went grocery shopping yesterday for the first time in weeks. Somewhat surreal--masks, limited numbers in the store, etc. Felt a bit as if we were coming in from the wilderness to stock up for the winter :).  I do have top say that (at least) this store (Albertson's) seemed to be doing a great job under the circumstances. There are all sorts of articles on the proper precautions, etc. to take. This is more of a strategic approach. Some general thoughts, observations: Make a plan--try to know what you are going to buy as much as possible. Reduces stress once inside and help to limit impulse purchases which can (and did, lol) drive up the amount you spend :) Remember how much storage space you have....keep [...]

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A great deal of making the most out of Whatchagot is trying to have some basic items on hand as much as possible. I’ve alluded to some of these in previous entries, but thought I’d tell you what items I try to keep on hand at all times: Butter – there is a reason Julia Child said, “With enough butter, anything is good.” I realize some avoid butter for health reasons, but it really does make many things taste much better, especially frozen vegetables (specifics to follow). Stock or broth – homemade or canned/boxed – another ingredient that can be used in a variety of ways to improve otherwise mundane ingredients. I think chicken is the most versatile, but beef, vegetable, etc. are great, too. There [...]



Here are some things that I try to keep in mind when working with Whatchagot (or what I’ve got lol): Keep it simple, at first – especially in these times, wasting food by trying to do too much isn’t a great outcome. So, keep your initial cooking efforts simple. Once you feel you have a knack for this down, go ahead and start to add to your ideas. Focus on things that will keep and can be eaten again. Leftovers are great during “normal times”, even better now. Casseroles, rice/beans/pasta dishes, soups, etc. are all good this way. Trust yourself, or, learn to do so. Cooking is more art than science (baking is an exception, which is why I don’t bake very often). You know what [...]

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As you can see, I've always enjoyed food :). This has evolved into a love for cooking. But I know that this love isn't shared by all. And now, especially when many of us are staying home, not going to the grocery store as often, reusing the same ingredients, you might be challenged by the need to cook on a regular basis. So, and because friends have asked on occasion, I thought I'd offer this blog as a little help in using Whatchagot…. Here's the basic idea: - If you need help figuring out what to make for yourself, your family, etc. with what ingredients you have on hand (Whatchagot), I'm happy to try and help. - Just send me a list of Whatchagot to work [...]